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As Brisbane’s customs clearance experts, we know everything there is to know about import duties and taxes for foreign imports into Australia, so we can help avoid unnecessary costs and delays by making sure you don’t pay any extra fees or charges.

We strive to keep your import taxes as low as possible.

If you want to succeed regardless of whether you’re a new company or an established enterprise, then you need to use Tight Ass® Customs clearance.

We want to be Australia’s cheapest customs broker so we can help our clients get their goods into Australia faster than anyone else. We’re pleased to assist you with any Brisbane Customs Clearance requirements.

What does a Brisbane Customs Clearance agent do?

For faster and less stressful customs clearances in Brisbane, trust Tight Ass® Customs clearance for all your needs. We provide Australian Customs Clearance and Freight Forwarding Services at affordable rates. We act as an intermediary between you (the importer) and Australian Customs Authorities to ensure the necessary import requirements are met when the goods arrive here.

If importing goods into Australia from overseas without knowing the rules for entry could result in fines and/or destruction of the imported items, then why would anyone want to risk doing so?

An experienced Customs Broker Brisbane, such as Tight Ass® Customs clearance may both assist you in avoiding costly import errors and expedite the clearance process ensuring everything arrives safely at its destination.

When Should I use a Customs Clearance agent?

If importing goods into Brisbane, then why not use Tight Ass® Customs clearance, Brisbane. Offering affordable air and sea freight services for international trade. We ensure fast and efficient customs clearance at competitive rates.

As expert customs brokers in Brisbane, we offer custom clearance services and freight forwarding services at affordable prices.
We’ve been helping companies get imported products cleared for 22 years.

Let your local experts in Brisbane Customs Clearance help you today. Get our best customs clearance rate guaranteed!

We’re the leading customs brokers for Brisbane, offering the lowest fees in Australia.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the taxes the same for an individual and a business ?
That’s correct. The import duty, import GST and Import Processing Charge [charged by the Australian Border Force] are the same for both an individual and a business.
Where will I collect my air freight shipment from?
After processing your customs clearance and paying our invoice, we will send you an e‑mail containing the air freight terminal addresses where you need to pick up your goods.
When will I receive my air freight shipment?
We will advise you of the air freight terminals name, phone number and operating hours; so that you can make arrangements.

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